Fi-Protech panels are made from vermiculite, a kind of natural mineral. After being exfoliated, the vermiculite is mixed with proprietary chemical bonding agent to form the basic raw material. The raw material, after going through a heating and pressing process and Fi-Protech panels are formed.
     Vermiculite, with various unique properties, has been used for a many decades in the US and Europe for fire protection and insulation purpose.....<click here>

Fi-Protech vermiculite panels are fire resistant and tested up to 1200 degrees C without structural damage. The product is proved to be a very effective fire protection material for steel frame structure. Fi-Protech panels can be easily installed at work sites and is a permanent material which requires no maintenance.
Fi-Protech panels have multi-functional advantages and a wide range of applications in airport, railway station, exhibition hall, shopping mail, warehouse and office buildings which require high standard of fire protection and excellent insulation. The panel can be easily transformed into a decorative wall covering or ceiling by lamination with other finishing materials, such as wallpaper to improve impact resistance and durability.
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